Hey all, so I've had quite a day argueing with my other guitar player. Currently (or up until today atleast) he is writing more material than any of the other members, and when he writes he writes it all, guitars, bass, vocals and drums, which is great. Unfortunately, he wont allow anyone to suggest any changes to any of the songs that he writes because they "meant too much to him". So what this creates is 1 member of our band cranking out a very large amount of pretty good songs and not allowing any other members to take his pretty good songs and improve upon them. Whats really unfortunate is that he has been quite depressed lately and has taken to writing some extremely emo songs, which our band is not. So now he has went ahead and made a 15 song album lineup while about 8 of those songs being songs that only he likes, 5 being songs that are pretty good but nobody but him has had a chance to touch or improve and 2 being actually good songs that were all happy with. Not a very good ratio in my mind.

His point of view on the subject is that because the rest of us arn't doing as much writing our opinions dont matter and that we should just be happy with what we have (in my opinion, sub par material). So, I broke the news to him today that this cant be how the band functions and he will now almost assuredly leave. Have I done the right thing?
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Yeah. Needs to change, or leave. It's not HIS band
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Whilst you do have to admire the effort, 15 songs is no mean feat, he's not acting in the best interests of the band. He's obviously a beginner songwriter, because as you write more songs you get less attached to them and you don't really care what happens to them.

But if you guys are not happy with the dynamics, it's not a nice place to make music, and if it's not enjoyable, it's not.
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Well.... it sounds like he needs to choose to be in a band or to do a solo project. If he chooses to be in a band, then he needs to conduct himself accordingly. If he chooses to do a solo project, the rest of the band (and him) need to determine whether or not that is what you all want to do, and act accordingly. He may well find that if he chooses to do a solo project that most of his band will leave... but he needs to be made aware of that possibility. On the other hand, he may find other players who don't mind functioning that way. There ARE players out there who just want to be given their parts, learn them, and go hit the stage.

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You certainly did what you had to do, I'm having a similar problem myself. My other guitar player is relatively new to playing but thoroughly convinced that his every idea is gold and that he has to change every one of mine to make them worthwhile. One person just can't domineer the writing process and it actually work. Best of luck to you.