looking for a passive humbucker that has good clean tones. I play metal but I want a 7 string pup that will give me an awesome sounding clean tone for the neck and is the same size as a emg 707 or if anyone can tell me where to find some sort of cover that will fit over a normal 7 string pup and make it look like a 707 that would be cool any type of passive pup will work if i can find a cover like a 707. Any help would be awesome.
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Those won't fit the 707 route.

Actually, almost nothing will. I don't think I've ever seen any passive pickups in the 707 housing other than a few really low quality stock Schecter pickups. Not entirely sure why you'd want to change anyway, when it comes to seven strings you pretty much need active pickusp to respond to the low B as evenly as the other pickups, and the 707, being an alnico-based active, has fantastic clean tones when you pair it with a suitable amp. If you're having trouble getting a nice tone out of it, I would be willing to bet hard cash that it's more likely your amp or how you are using your rig overall rather than a falt witht he pickups themselves.
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