i feel so shamed, but i was going through a list of tunes one of my students wanted the keys for and for some reason this one stumped me. anyone know what it is and why?

i had thought it might be E. or Eb taking the downtuning into account.
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After a quick listen (just the intro, mind you), it sounds like G to me.
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yeah but the chorus is kind of bizarre.

the intro is (this is all a half step up for purpose of ease):

G# E F#

the chorus is:

D F C# A
i went out for a cigarette and the nicotine told me it might be G minor (taking the half step tuning down into account)

just bizarre because that means the I is major.
About the I chord in a major key, it's typical of grunge bands (which Alice In Chains arguably is) to do that: take a scale just for the purpose of having chords rooted in its notes, but all major. It also happens in psychedelic rock and britpop rather frequently.
Sickman so you are saying that they sometimes take chords that should be minor for the purpose of staying in key, and make them major...a bending of the rules?