Please take time to read my question especially if your clued up in the electronics of a guitar.

I'm restoring a vintage hofner ambasador, i hand re-wound the humbucker pickups and meaured a resistance of of about 6 Kohms each, too low i know, but i should hear some output surely albeit low. Problem is i get nothing, i popped a couple of known working pickups in and all works ok. surely there is something fundamentally wrong, but what, if i get resistance, the wire i used is designed for pickups, the coils are fitted in opposite directions to cancel the noise, what else is there to check?

Please please, any thoughts?
I know not, but I also know that this is a question better suited for the guy in Guitar Building and Customization. The brianiacs chill in there, you probably won't get the best answers here in EG
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