Looks dumb.
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I saw it a while back. It was pretty good, then OH GOD WHAT
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i loved this movie just because of how terrible it was. my friends and i expected to see some quasi-horror flick but instead the whole theater laughed together at how 'out-there' it was.
as for the message of the film, yea playing god etc don't take it too far blah
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I saw the trailer a while back and thought it looked cool and had an interesting (not necessarily new, but interesting) concept/plot, then I saw reviews for it and it sounded pretty ridiculous.

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I thought it was just me. I was so blown away I had to make a blog post after seeing it.


Plot Summary: A couple of biologists engineer a freaky humanoid species and **** up in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY.
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I was going to go watch it with some friends. It seems interesting enough and has pretty good reviews.
I enjoyed the movie, even if it was really absurd.
These people go from not having any sexual contact at all, to having sex in a matter of twenty seconds, it is ridiculous.
The wikepedia article is off in some ways though, earlier in the movie Else and Clive have sex, so at the end you do not know whether the baby is his or Dren's.
also, it is not their idea, it is Elsa's and she tricks Clive into creating the creature. She also uses her own DNA in the creature.

I just remember small details about movies.
Now I'm
It was pretty strange, and you have to suspend your disbelief to a great degree...but it was a pretty unique horror movie.

My major complaints are that the characters are really flat and unbelievable, especially the woman (I forget her name :p and I don't think they offered any reasonable explanation for the fact that Dren mutated into...erm, you know, don't wanna spoil it. Also the last scene is completely ridiculous considering the woman's emotional state for the rest of the movie.

It did raise some interesting questions about the direction of science and the dangers of the human attitude, though.