Hey man, intro rocks. I like big chords with distortion The arpeggios after it where awesome. Sounded great and unique. Bar 61 is unexpected but nice. Almost feels like Dutch trance music XD Solo was GREAT! It really made that whole section feel... whole. The chords with triple octaves and the guitar playing that arpeggio along with it was nice. Bar 153, awesome arpeggios yet ago. Bar 169 is nice and unexpected. An odd, but nice twist. Outro was very good.

Damn man, I'm a great fan of this piece. I really loved it! Keep it the way it is, will you?


I have a feeling you either intentionally or not, ripped off Swallowed by the Sky by zakatak? Seriously, the intro is very similar, and your section beginning at bar 28 is very similar to the techy section in that piece.

Please clarify.
It was not intentional...I didn't listen to it until i read your post but I can see the similarities in the rhythm of the first part but thats about it. Thats a pretty generic rhythm anyways. Bar 28 has a completely different feel to it than that techy part so i don't see what you are saying there. To be honest I probably couldn't rip that off if i tried, it was a great piece of music.
I love you.

Edit: In retrospect, I can see how that ^ might be seen as strange.

Anyway, I loved it, beginning to end.
i don't know why i feel so dry
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