Hey Guys!
I have a project that I have been working on for a few months and am still developing. I have recorded three songs so far but am hoping to have 5 or 6 by the time its done so I can release a free EP. I am asking anyone that who would want to record vocals for it to PM me or comment on this thread and let me know and I will send you the premastered tracks. Once we have some stuff that is agreeable I will give you full credit for the vocals on the project. The music I have on my soundclick has alot of the songs I mentioned but these are old mixes that aren't anywhere close to what I have now.


list so far:
In A Dream

Anyone who wants to help me needs to let me know so I can send you the songs and then send me back the recorded wav files so I can mix and master then I will discuss with you more on if you like it and feel it is good enough for release. Thanks!
Hey man just listened to some of your instrumentals and i liked what i heard. Are you still in need of a vocalist? If so, what kind of vocal style are you looking for and have you already written lyrics to the songs? I'm interested in helping out so let me know what's up
I'm down. I can do pretty much anything you want, whenever you want.
If you're looking for a thrashy kind of metal, we can talk. If not, don't bother.
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I sent you a bit of a preview, to see if you're interested in my style.
Strieth I didn't get the preview can you send it to me again?

RobotRocker I'm not to much of a thrasher but take a crack at it bro pm me and I'll hit you up with the details
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