So I've been searching for an affordable amp out there, and its taking me some time. My price range is 300-500, but I found 3 amps with almost identical prices.

Two of them are used, for sale in my local area. I'll post the link to where I'd buy it directly:

Traynor AM100T 100W - USED - $375 - DISCONTINUED

2) Roland AC-60 - USED - $320

3) Crate CA6110DG 60Watt - NEW - $379.97 + GST

So I've searched around, and all three have had pretty good reviews. I am trying to get more information on the two used ones, but I am awaiting responses from the sellers. But assuming the used ones are still in good condition, which one would you recommend?

Oh, I should also mention what I play and all that if it helps at all... I play rock, and indie. I would be mostly using this for jamming, but it may go up on stage for an occasional small bar gig... maybe. I mostly strum too. I play a Yamaha CPX700, but will probably be getting a Seagull guitar in the future. Hope this helps.

Anyway, thanks in advance guys.
I'd say get some info from the guys selling the used ones, and go and try them out with your acoustic. See which one you like better, and get it...as for the crate amp...I wouldn't choose that over the roland...Roland has quite the reputation for a pure sound, as they make keyboard amps and digital pianos which sound very nice...and crate...is more of an electric guitar thing I think. Not too sure though. No idea about traynor, like I said, try them out, see what you like.
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