going to the store here in about 5 mins so i eneda hurry what are some good string sizes for metalcore.. mostly as i lay dying thanks in advance
You didn't mention anything about tuning but As I lay Dying plays in drop C so go for some 12-54s, brand don't really matter as long as they are not flat wound, never use flat wound string in metal.
You don't need 12-54's for Drop C. I use 11 - 56's and they can go down to Drop A if needed.

I use D'Adario 11 - 56, I love them.
Real metalcore guitarists don't use strings. Strings are for pussies who can't play properly.
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I use 10's for drop C but I wouldn't suggest going lighter. Most of AILD's new album is actually in drop D, though I still play them in C because I'm too lazy to retune.
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