What guitars out there that are like the epiphone casino, a hollowbodied electric guitar. also, are there any decent ones for under 200 quid?
2nd hand epi casino...

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prs se semi-hollow?
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Wow, lots of P-90 fanboys on this forum. It's almost as bad as amps. Speaking of which, for the money I'd recommend a new... fuck it, I can't do this. I'm not that bandwagon-y.

Not really. The only Epiphone Casino I can think of has P90's in it...

Seriously though, what exactly are you looking for? A hollowbody? A thinline hollowbody? A thinline double-cut hollowbody? A thinline double-cut hollowbody with P-90s? A thinline double-cut hollowbody with P-90s that 3/4 of the Beatles played? "[G]uitar like the epiphone casino" isn't really all that specific, or rather it's a little too specific to be particularly helpful.

He's obviously looking for a guitar that's like an Epiphone Casino. One would say he's after a double-cutaway semi-hollow/fully hollow guitar.

I wouldn't expect to find many hollowbodies in that price range, if any exist at all. They're much more difficult to make than your typical solidbody slab, and there isn't as much market demand. The least expensive ones I've cared for are the Grestch Electromatics, starting around US $700; the G5122 is similar to the Casino in that it's a full-hollow thinline double-cut electric, although the two guitars have entirely different sounds. Here's a link if you're interested.

Only part I agree with.

TS, you're probably talking about the Dot if you don't want P90's.
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Yes, the Casino is a P-90 guitar, I'm well aware. My point was that as soon as you say "P-90" on these forums, or even mention a guitar with P-90s, all the fanboys assume that you, too, are singularly obsessed with that pickup and wish to join their mysterious cult, or something -- even if you, like OP, don't care much about the pickups. Just like all those people who immediately say "I suggest a new amp," even if nobody's mentioned the goddamn things.

I like P-90s. I think they're great. But for crying out loud, they're just metal and magnets.

I couldn't tell you what a P90 sounds like. Never have played a guitar with a P90. I might have heard one with P90's, but couldn't recall any of the sound. Honest.

There's nothing wrong with P90's... I really don't see what you're trying to say. TS said he wanted a Casino, which has P90's. That automatically makes most people think "Oh, he must want a guitar with P90's." There was one post after he said he didn't care if the guitar had P90's or not.

I rarely see anyone suggest amps without knowing OP's amp. I really don't know what you're talking about.

A guitar that's like an Epiphone Casino in what way? OP's since clarified that he's not on the P-90 bandwagon, but it's still unclear what specific characteristic(s) of the Casino he's most interested in. The entire description was "like the epiphone casino, a hollowbodied electric guitar".

Now you're just over complicating things. Clearly an Casino is a double cutaway fully hollow with P90's... So obviously TS wants a guitar like that... I don't see what's missing, to be completely honest. He also said under 200 quid.

Then I said, I think he's talking about the Dot, since he doesn't really want P90's.

I'll say again;
TS, are you thinking about the Dot, instead of the Casino? They're very a like. The main differences are the Casino has a trapeze and the Dot has a stop tail, and the Casino has P90's and the Dot has humbuckers.
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You're in the UK I take it.


It's a good £100 cheaper than the Epi and made in the same factories. You could probably find one used for even cheaper.

this - vintage are great value for money in the UK - more or less the same as epiphone, but without the gibson markup.
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+1 with Blompcube and lilmacker i havent played that exact model but all the vintage guitars i have played kicked their epiphone counterparts asses
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New guitars suck and are overpriced. Buy an old/used one...I've literally saved thousands from doing that. It takes a while to find a great deal but it'll be worth it. Buying used also helps you get your money back cause you can always sell it for more which you can't do with buying a brand new guitar.
Ok, I guess I shoulda been more specific. Otherwise, people have little bitch fights about eachother, rather than the original question. Anyways, I guess I WANT a Casino, but don't know if I can really afford it. So, something that produces a rough example of the tone, the feel, the playability etc, for less. Sounds farfetched, but I don't care about if a guitar is cheap or not. I'm not amazing at guitar, but I can seem to make an absolutely crap guitar sound decent enough to be use don stage, which is what i have done before on various occasions.

I'm liking the Vintage option. I have always had a problem with the 'Dot' inlays on guitars on the fretboard. My brain has never been able to process it as quick as a bar shape, like on the casino or les pauls. So, I'll most likely go for that one, seeing as it is fairly cheap and I have played a few vintage les pauls and like what i felt.

thank you everyone

What are you rambling about? I'm still so very lost. You failed to make a point (at least that's what I'm thinking you were trying to do... I'm lost), what, three times?

Why you brought up the second amendment is far beyond me... I interpret the second amendment just as stated in short at the bottom of that... I can't think of any other way to interpret it, but uhh... anyway...

Cool story, bro.

You can try a 2nd hand Epiphone Casino. They run what, $600 new in the states. I would imagine they'd go around $250-$350 used here. That's gotta be somewhere around 200 quid.

Then there's also the P93 Rivera, that's worth looking into. I think they go for $500 here, so around $250-$300 used.

P90's and hollow with double cutaway will be your best shot at a guitar sounding like a Casino. Anything like that and you'll be set.
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