So, i'm thinking about eventually selling my current rig and extra guitar. I would cash in at about $700-750 after everything (I could probably afford something up to $800) and I'm looking to see what I would get, should I ever choose to cash in.

Combo/Half Stack

-It needs to be giggable, as I will be using it for school (M.I.) in the winter therefore It needs to be loud enough for that and for small gigs.

-Tone wise I play through i'm looking for a tight crisp clean with nice bass response that Has a really good clean channel (doesn't need to have more than 1 channel) and a really colorful gain because I like my cleans with a little flavor.

-I'm gonna be recording into my computer like I currently do with my Half Stack, which has an Emulated DI Out. I would really like something of that sort so I can continue to record or perhaps be presented with an alternative method that won't cost me much more.

-I would also prefer Tube over SS.

Thanks For The Help.
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Line 6 Spider Valve 212.

Only 40w, but honestly, the best modelling/tube hybrid I have ever come across.
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what genres will you be playing?
prepared to look used?

Funk and Blues but because of school I will want something rather versatile.

I am.
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Line 6 Spider Valve 212.

Only 40w, but honestly, the best modelling/tube hybrid I have ever come across.

If you read my post you would see i'm not looking for a hybrid modeling practice amp.
I'd try and find a Roland Jazz Chorus. ****ing brilliant amp for cleans and light crunch. Throw an OD in front for anything heavier
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fender blues junior, peavey classic 30

Hmm would the Blues Junior be loud enough to keep up with a band?

EDIT: How About the Vox Custom AC15C1 15W 1x12? I think I really like the look and what it offers. I'm a little confused though they say it has two channels but it seemed like it really had one with a boost option. Is there a footswitchable channel 1 and 2?
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I was also actually wondering if the Vox Custom AC15C1 15W 1x12 had something similar to the emulated DI I currently have. I really want to be able to record into my computer still.
I would also try looking at 2x12 at least, that extra speaker just adds a whole different dimension to your sound.
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15 watt amps aren't a good place to look if clean are important to you. Lower wattage means less clean headroom.

What would you recommend?
there is a potentail to getting flamed after this...

maybe look into a used fender hotrod?

they have more headroom than a lower wattage amp (i think one in the line is like 40 watts), so you would have more clean headroom, which would be importiant for wanting your signal to stay clean at higher volumes. the dirt is decent, but probably not the dirt that you dream about.

you can find them used well under your budget.


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I wouldn't let the DI out be a deal breaker, they're not that common in tube amps. All you really need is a mic and some kind of pre-amp/mixer
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Well, your post about what kind of tones you're looking for is rather vague.

Name some songs you like the tone of maybe? Artists?

And I agree, looking for a DI isn't a good idea, most amps won't have one.

Hmmm, RHCP, Zeppelin, Hendrix, SRV, The Ventures.
egnater renegade combo!

it has a line out
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