PIT, I need your help. please

Basically Uni won't let me take second year unless I pass my individual performance exam... which I got 38 in (needed 40). So in the post today my assignment brief arrived, I have to prepare two contrasting pieces to show two different styles of playing. Obvious candidates are fingerstyle and Pick.

now the tough part, I'd rate myself as an intermediate guitarist, and i play mainly rhythm (in my band if someone waves 16 bars to go sick in i'll let the bassist have them instead.. i really hate soloing) but i know I'll have to bite the bullet and play a bit of lead to show that I know what I'm doing.

I was thinking about playing Free Faillin', the John Mayer version, for fingerstyle. But the picked one I have no idea for.

any suggestions

Need to prepare 2 songs for uni, fingerpicked and plectrum based. any suggestions

P.S preferably nothing i need excessive distortion for, something clean or mild overdrive.
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Something generic like Master of Puppets will probably do.

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Under the bridge-RHCP

why didn't I think of that I love The Chillis
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