I wrote this a good while back but I never recorded it properly until now. It was a difficult piece to find good guitar tones to and it was a huge challenge mixing it. I think it sounds decent although the guitar tone is not all that great in some parts.

Writing this was a milestone for me. I was finally able to actually finish a song and after that I got really inspired to make more. I think it's quite unique and very original. I want your opinions and feedback!

Listen to it here:

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C4C as always!
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I thought the guitar tone sounded rather good. Admitted, during the opening, I was waiting for an epic breakdown of some sort, and when the videogamey synth came in, I got disappointed, but after awhile, I got acustomed to it, and I've grown to appreciate it alot. Especially since the riffing gets orgasmic at around 2:00 or so. The bass reminds me of Jeff Waters tone, its a random thing to say, but still, I found it funny that the song shared the bass tone as well as the quirky mood of an Annihilator song. Anyway, I think this is pretty great, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Very nice, solid prog metal song. The solo/lead section harmonies were awesome and really tight. Way to go crazy at the end too.
@Sami Philadelph: Thanks for the feedback! I tried to find a synth sound that wasn't so... I don't know what word to use. I wanted to find a sound that actually fit in, and I came as close as I could with the RTAS plugin I have at the moment. I'm not entirely happy with but oh well. ^^

Haha, I actually used to listen a lot to Annihilator before, until I actually started paying attention to the lyrics and then the later albums (sounded like satire). I still like their first album (pretty close to a masterpiece actually) and a couple of songs from other albums. Weird band...

Thanks for the comment, I'll leave you one as well!

@TacoSaladMan: I like your name. Anyways, Thanks! I always have to go crazy at some point (maybe I should be more careful with that), haha.
Please check out some of my original music and leave me a comment @ SoundCloud
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So, the intro is cool. I love the synth, it reminds me of Dream Theater if they were way heavier. Kind of like their song Raw Dog, since that's the heaviest they've been. The main riff is ****ing beast! Nice addition with the leads over it. Now it reminds me of Symphony X. You've got a nice style going on with this one! Very nice solo, I can't solo like that over odd time signatures like that. The quality is great, and the mixing is pretty good as well. Keep it up man!

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