Hi, i'm new to the whole guitar building pickup thing so i'm wondering what i should do.

I have an Epiphone LP standard with a roland 30x combo amp, but everytime i play using distortion there's so much unneeded gain, i've fiddled with bass middle and all that but theres so much gain that i barely hear the notes i'm playing.

I'm just wondering, is it the pickups or the effects on the amp?, but the other effects are fine though. So should i replace the pickups and if i do what would be a good combo or should i get an effects pedal because i've always been thinking of getting one. If possible could it be in a 100-200 price range. I'm a bit short on money these days.

Oh i play mostly metal, so that's what pickups would be good for that?

Thanks in advance.
If you're using a distortion pedal, check the pedal. I think its either that or the amp, the pick ups only send the signal to amp.
turn down the gain? Use your volume knob to clean it up a bit, it's not the pickups though.


Its improved a bit, but other than that, what should i invest in new pickups or an effects pedal? What would be better in the long run?
Well the pickups are not the cause, I can tell you that right now. I can also tell you are very new to this.

Here is a picture of your amp. As you can see there are various knobs and buttons that do different things.

From what you've told us, all you have is just a guitar into this amp, the Roland Cube 30X. There is a knob labeled GAIN, I want you to turn that knob DOWN, that means counter clockwise. Now, some amps have it so when the GAIN is at 0, there is no sound, so it would be best to leave it at 1 or 2.

Now turn up your VOLUME, either one may work. As I'm not incredibly accustomed to your amp, I'm not sure which one will be best, but I want you to turn those knobs up, somewhere between 5 and 8 may do the trick.

If it is too loud, simply reduce the volume.

You may also consider switching your MODES, as they should affect how the GAIN sounds when it is dialed up and down.

If all of this is done and still does not work, try turning the VOLUME of your guitar down, this can be done by placing the hand on one or both of the VOLUME knobs placed on your guitar, and turn them too Counter Clockwise, this should lower the output to your amp and reduce the amount of clipping and distortion.