Hi guys,

I really love stuff like Andy Mckee's Drifting, but I don't think i'm good enough to attempt that yet.

Could you suggest any relatively novice percussive acoustic songs?
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Tapping is an advanced technique by nature. There are tutorials around to give you some ideas, but conquering the basics is the first step. I'd recommend experimenting with the many different ways to make sounds as a way to introduce yourself to it.
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maybe some newton faulkner, for percussive? he does do a few knocks on the guitar top, and some tapping stuff, but i agree with GC, its a hard technique, so an easy song with percussive elements and tapping, is hard to come by.

if you like drifting though, by all means have a go at it. theres nothing stopping you from trying it. once you break it down, its not impossible, as with anything.
Actually, Drifting is one of the easier ones to figure out. Just try starting it, and see where it takes you.
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Well, I play some relatively percussive stuff (mostly improv). I do have a few tips
- Don't hit too hard, you can really damage the bracing easily with repeated banging on the guitar.
-Start off with a slow beat. The "bass drum" sound is usually in the bridge area. The snare sound is on the bottom edge, where the strap pin is.
- You need to be able to do tap ons.Here's a great page to learn more about it: http://www.learngreatguitar.com/acoustic-guitar-tapping.html
Since your strumming hand will be busy doing things other than strumming (calm down, hormonally inbalanced guys), you will need to know how to tap with your fretting hand, hard enough to produce a loud clean note.
- Have fun!
- Good luck!
Happy Playing!
Try Newton Faulkners 'Teardrop' its not too complex, i also agree 'Drifting' is not the most difficult.