I was looking at getting the Tascam DP-02 8 track recorder, but it only has 2 mic inputs. Does anyone know of something similar to this but with 8 or 10 inputs? I want to be able to record drums, 2 guitars and vocals all at once, which would be 7 or 8 mics.
You'll spend quite a bit but look into the larger multi-track recorders. I suggest the Yamaha AW1600.

They are not made anymore but that also means you can find one used on ebay for a lower price.

The Alesis ADAT HD24 is a nice unit if you have a large format analog or digital mixer. This is a higher priced route but some people enjoy this setup better.

More info on MTRs:
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I've got the Tascam DP02CF. It's a nice interface, especially for the money. It would however hinder your ability to record drums.

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