So i've been invited to jam with a few people however all i have is a half stack which i don't want to take around since it's a pain to move I'll be looking at getting a 2x12 later on tho.

BUT i want to take my cube probably, Now the drummer doesn't have a expensive setup i think (she doesn't even have a double kick)

And i have a feeling the other guitarist also has a roland cube or a Marshall MG15 (cringe)

She's played with a guitarist friend and he has a 15x cube also and said it was fine,

Has anyone had experiance with it? I don't mind having to crank the amp up, I'm fine with using the cube as well as it sounds fine to me and is easy to move around, I'll prob look at getting a peavy vypyr 30 instead of the 2x12 cab for band practice for easier transport etc.
That's reeeeally going to be a stretch, but you might be able to get away with it, depending on how loud the drummer is.
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Hmm, out on a limb here - since the drummer is a girl, odds are the drums won't be as loud as they might otherwise be with, say, Bonzo on the kit. I'd say the cube will be alright. They're pretty tough. The cleans will probably suffer quite a bit at high volume though.
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I used to have a girl drummer once, and she was one of the loudest drummers I've had lol
but yeah, I have used my cube 15 with a drum, and it was loud enough, just make sure you're not using the metal stack model, cuz it's not as lodu as the other ones and it doesn't cut through as well
Not sure how loud the cube is compared to the spider 15, but that was what I used for a while instead of my spider 75 and it could barely get loud enough to be heard over the drums. It also sounded distorted as crap and it didn't sound so great. You should wear ear plugs though, and mostly with practicing and jamming you shouldn't really be concerned as much about tone than you should volume.

Edit: I only use the Spider 75 as my "jamming" amp now, because I have an RM100 halfstack. Just makin' sure I don't get flamed for having 2 spiders.

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