Alright guys, so I recently purchased a Peavey Triple XXX head, and yeah the amp is working fine everything is sounding good. The only thing is I took a look at the tubes when the amp was on and I noticed that one of them is not lit up as the rest of them are. It's not completely out but it's pretty dim.

Here's a photo I took:

So can anyone advice me on what to do exactly? If the tube was busted, wouldn't the amp just not work at all?
I'm probably due for a tube change anyways as these are the stock ones...EL34's to come - can anyone recommend me some good brands and where I can find good deals?

Pic is not working so I can't tell if you are talking about a preamp tube or a power tube.

If it is a preamp tube (12AX7) then no it will probably be fine. Not all preamp tubes glow the same brightness - some are dim. You can technically run your amp with no preamp tubes at all.

Now, if it is a power tube (EL34 or 6L6) then yes, that COULD be a problem. The power tubes should all glow about the same.

Get your pic up and be more specific and maybe we can help you better
Quote by somemaycallmeti
looks like its a preamp tube thats not as bright. Should be fine then. Did you get the amp used?
If i'm not mistaken they look like 6L6 power tubes
yeah, those are power tubes.

The 3rd power tube over looks ilked'

I personally would not run my amp that long until it is resolved. Push it down real snug and make sure it is seated all the way down. Next, you can try swapping it with one of the other power tubes and see if the problem follows the tube or stays with that socket. Report back.
Thanks for the input so far guys, yes those are 6L6 power tubes. Alright I'll try switching them up to see if it glows the same in a different input.
Clean the socket by spraying some contact cleaner on the valve pins and running the valve in and out of the socket a few times. Always try the simplest things first before spending money.
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