Hey guys. I got a new band started and would like to know what you all think of the music. We just got our first EP done.

LINK: http://myspace.com/overatlasmusic

Let me know what you think of any of the songs (or all of them). I would like to know how good the music is rather than the quality or mixing of the recording. Leave your link if you want a crit!

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Not a bad collection of songs. They are far from innovative but you have some good sounds and for the most part a pretty decent drive/groove. I liked Crash best, that's the kind of tune I could see myself listening to again. Good guitar tone but I would add a little grit to the bass and work on getting the drums more in-your-face which I think they need.
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Very good songs. All the parts are very strong, vocals guitar bass and drums.

Swim against the current is a great song, real Jimi Hendrix style song.

Crash has a great energy to it aswell, think tht would be live.

Not so keen on change to belong but march is another cool one.

Great band! Good luck
I like the sound. Very indie and very nicely mixed.

I do have to agree with ebon00 though, they aren't very innovative, you can easily hear the musics influences. But that will be fixed with time. I wouldn't worry about it very much unless your newer songs keep following that pattern.

Overall it's good music though! Keep it going