Around the same time I started listening to metal I met this dude whom I hadn't seen since pre-school and loved metal too, so the two factors made us become friends again. We hung out for a while and when I told him I was learning to play bass he said he played drums. I was like: "Wow, that's awesome, we can jam now!"

So we went to a rehearsal studio in a couple of weeks with a guitar playing friend of his and a guitar playing friend of mine (who's actually my best friend, we discovered metal together, we have promised to be together in a band and we continue to play together up to this day, since we were total n00bs in our instruments). We got in there and they gave me an old, semi-painted bass with rusty strings (yeah the place sucked) and when they asked me how I EQ'd my bass I just said "Oh yeah, that's alright!" (it was the second time I'd ever picked up a bass in my life, I wasn't even sure how to pluck the strings, notice the n00bishness) and the guy just left it at that. Then we decided we were gonna play Sugar by System of a Down (with all our instruments in standard tuning again) and that I was also going to be singing. It sounded like shit, and I couldn't even sing and play (still having a bit of trouble with that but I can do it with a couple of songs already). But we still had fun.

We came out of the rehearsal studio and I told my guitar playing best friend if he had noticed how ****ed up we sounded. He laughed and said yes. Then my other friend, the drummer, came up to us to tell us he had an uncle who worked at a club and could get us a gig in 2 weeks. We looked at him like: "Are you ****ing kidding us?" And said: "Well... We don't think we're ready yet..." His answer: "Yeah we are, trust me, I know about this kind of stuff." We nodded, knowing we OBVIOUSLY weren't gonna be playing a gig in a long time. Some time passed and the "band" dissolved.

3 years later, around last month, I met with the drummer again (we had only seen each other twice since that rehearsal). He seemed to have grown up and I asked him if he was still playing drums. He said yes, that he had taken classes and that he had learned everything he needed. He said he could even read sheet music (which I still can't do to this day), but that he had to sell his drum set because of space issues. He also said that he still used to "keep beats" with whatever he had nearby, be it pens, the floor (tapping his feet), books, or just his fingers. We kept talking and decided we should some day jam together, at that old shitty studio, for old time's sake.

As I mentioned, I've kept playing with this guitar playing friend of mine and we're still pretty serious about forming a band. We actually don't know any drummer but we do know a handful of other guitar players who like the same music as us. So I'm thinking of jamming with this dude and evaluate him at the same time, to see if he has changed or not and how much he has improved, to see if we could, again, ask him to jam with us.


TL;DR: Started listening to metal, met old preschool drummer friend who was also into metal, became friends again, jammed together (it was a disaster), we parted ways, 3 years later I still jam with a guitar playing friend of mine, we need a drummer, talked to the preschool drummer friend again in ages, decided to have a nostalgia jam, now I'm considering asking to join me and my friend in a band.


So with the obvious past issues and the fact that he currently doesn't own a drum set, against the fact that we don't know any other drummer (here in Peru there's nowhere to post ads so don't suggest that please) and that he's an old friend, would you ask him to jam with you and your friend if you were in the same position I was?
sure, he can always get better. My drummer didnt have his own drum set at first but he still practiced using pans and books and other stuff.

Now he is easily the best drummer I have seen where I live
He probably isn't that great. I've dealt with that type of person before.

EDIT: He's the "unrealistic optimist" drummer archetype. I played in a band with one once. He never practiced, thus never improved, and he would always say, "Oh, we sound great" to get out of practicing.
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I don't really trust any musician who doesn't own their own gear. Even in the rare case that they are actually efficient on their instruments, it creates logistical problems when it comes time to gig (ie. where does the drumset come from?).
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
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I don't really trust any musician who doesn't own their own gear. Even in the rare case that they are actually efficient on their instruments, it creates logistical problems when it comes time to gig (ie. where does the drumset come from?).

Well the first and only drumset he owned he bought from his cousin. When he sold it, he sold it back to the same cousin. So if it starts working out I guess he could find a way to get it back and make room for it somewhere.
Just to let you know how this story ended:

Met up with him today. He suddenly decided to invite another bass playing friend of his. We went into the rehearsal room. It was the same scene all over again, he played random stuff, the other dude played something else on bass and I just stood there trying to make sense out of it. After a while I decided: "Aw what the heck, I'm still paying for an hour here so I might as well practice..." And started practicing on my own. After around 20 minutes the drummer stopped playing and told us to "follow his beat" and started playing some random drum pattern that was impossible to follow cause he couldn't really keep time. So I started hitting the open E string trying to follow his random beats and he looked at me like "OMFG THAT SOUNDS AWESOME" then we had some more individual practicing/random noise, another attempt at "improvisation", and some more noise. When we were leaving he said we should start our own band in which I played a distorted bass with a pick, the other dude played fingerstyle and slapping, and we all took turns to sing. He was serious. He said: "THAT'S TOO F*CKING ORIGINAL DUDE, IT WOULD BE AWESOME, IT WOULD SOUND SOMEWHAT LIKE GRUNGE!" (I still don't know what he meant by the grunge part...) So yeah, he's still the same over-enthusiastic/I-don't-know-what-the-f*ck-I'm-doing dude from years ago. Shame, I was really hoping I'd finally meet a good drummer to jam with.
Hey thanks for wrapping up the story dude. In the future look for and act upon early warning signs.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.