If you review my music, I will review yours (I promise!). Here are 2 new rock/alternative songs to review: "Would You Foresee" is the one on top, and "Could You See" is the next one down. Sorry about the similar song titles, they were written years apart. Please tell me how you like these songs & how they can be improved. Here is the link:

I'm listening to Would you Forsee, sounds pretty good, reminds me a lot of The Cure. Nice leads in there. The beginning of Could you See is cool, I really like that bass tone. The only thing I don't really like about the songs are the vocals, but that's just preference, I'm more of a growling/screaming type guy.
Would you Forsee: The bass is way too loud in the mix, and the vox have too much reverb IMO. The song is pretty solid, not much I can say there. It's definitely not my style, but I could see how someone could like this. All you have to work on is the mix. Great job, and keep it up!

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First song had some nice leads...a good tune. Not so sure about the second one...Vocals aren't for me.
Like Rising said, bass is way to loud. Other than that I found this just as enjoyable as your other songs. I like hard rock feel to it. I think the solos are a bit goofy, but they def fit the upbeat mood of the songs. To be honest the vocals made me lol, they're not shit, they're just really goofy lol. Overall, this again is pretty awesome and unique. Keep it up!
Crit as I listen!

Would You Forsee:
First off, as everyone else said, bass way too forward and loud, just tone it down a tad. But I really like the vocals, I think the reverb works perfectly, and singing style is positively unique. Solos rock, fit in with the whole vibe you got going, they're pretty awesome, so is the tone aha.
Throughout, I can't help but feel the drums lack any urgency, or power. I just think they need to be a bit more driving.

To be honest, this is a pretty awesome rock song, nicely arranged and played.

Could You See:

Damn, that snare is so 80's, but awesome nevertheless
Loving the whole feedback thing you got going at the beginning, maybe it drags a bit though? Bass is pretty cool aswell.
Vocals fit in with the feel of the song I think, but not to my taste, they seem a bit soaked for my liking. First solo didn't really do it for me either, I'd change that up a bit. Same comment about the drums, they appear to lack power imo, but maybe its just me.
I dig the whole idea and feeling of the song, I just think it lacks a bit of the variety, and the vocals seem too muddy and unclear, which would usually keep the song fresh could I understand them properly.

Its definately not bad though, and there is so much potential, its really unique rocking stuff. keep it up
I really like both of these! I like Would You Foresee more though. The vocals in the other one are on pitch, but the style isn't really my cup of tea, but that's nothing against you at all. Great job on these tunes man! i look forward to newer stuff of yours!
Comments as they come to me.

Nice opening, very decent tone on every instrument. Mixed very well. I really like the vocals, although at times I find them a bit screechy. The lead guitar tone/playing is very nice - excellent really. When I think about it the verse vocal melody could be more interesting/more suited for your voice, the chorus is great though. I like the piano adds too, adds to the very authentic feeling of the song. The way the track fades with that effect is awesome and has the same effect.

I can't really think what to suggest other than the vocal thing becaue it's a very polished and enjoyable piece as it is. Bravo!

Cheers for the feedback!
good stuff, A few people said that the vocals have to much reverb but I think it gives them a dreamy sort of quality to them. all in all really good work.
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"Would You Forsee": digging the double-track (i think?) on the vocals. You have a very Rob Halford-esque voice, and I'm actually kinda getting a "Nostradomus" vibe from this track. Love the vocals, the guitar solo is cool, and I actually enjoyed the synth stuff. Kudos on the surfer-rock guitar intro as well

"Could you See"
Really digging the 80's rock vibe I'm getting from these songs! I can't really think of a genre; for some reason I'm think a combo of early 80's metal and some new wave. Dug the japanese referance in the guitar solo, and I'm digging the bass. Just switch up the bass line in. I'm not sure how you'd accomplish this, given that the whole song is built around it, but it becomes pretty repetitive as the song goes on. Fantastic work on the solos though man, I like!

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Would you forsee - cool rock song, guitars sound a bit thin, give them more space to power up the song a bit. the middle eastern vibe at the end was great. lead was cool. I liked the vocal effects.

Could you see - same about the guitars double track the rythm parts maybe? skilled use of effects and feedback on the leads.
Well, this is hard to review. The first song has bass too high on the mix. Can't think of anything else because I never listen to music like this.

The second song has a really cool 80's esque intro. Like videogame music. Sounds like a soundtrack song.
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Okay, here is my take on it.

I think everything is played really really well. The production makes it sound lose though. The bass is blasting and i can't hear any kick. The Guitars sound odd.

but i think its pretty cool. I like it. Although its not something i would just listen to all the time because of the recording.
Would You Foresee

Certainly not my style of music, but it's very catchy. Definitely liked the solos, and the Egyptian sounding piece near the end. The song over all has an older feel to it, like it could have come out of the 80's. I'm not sure if that's bad or not, I guess it's up to how you see it.

Could You See

Once again, can't get over the style and the way the vocals sound. Vocals match the music definitely, it's just my personal taste getting in the way. Really liked how the bass gave the song a funky feel at first, then it transitioned into that 80's style again.

Your songs are pieced together really well, I just don't really appreciate the style unfortunately.

And yes I'm from the USA.
HAha wow the first one definitely makes me think Depeche Mode/The Cars for sure.

Its kind of trippy, could use higher EQ for the guitars, and the vocals made me laugh, but not from being bad, just being really strange :P

Could you see definitely makes me think of The Cars as well. Really feels like if you had released that about 25 years ago youd have made it onto mtv when they still played music :P Its kind of hard for me to gauge since it sounds so spacey and its really not my musical niche, but its neat.

c4c: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1347282
Would you foresee: Most of the mix issues have already been mentioned. I'd only like to add that the doubletrack on the vocals is a little off at times. I liked the tune though but I would rather have heard a "proper" solo rather than the eastern flavored thing and the end breakdown. There are a few points during the second verse where you sound like a young Rob Halford which was really weird.

Could you see
: melody/harmony sounds a lot like old British post-punk. Not a huge fan of the snare, it's the overblown gated thing from the 80's and although there's nothing inherently bad about that I don't think it suits this song. Lead guitar is a little unpolished, the playing sounds a bit hesitant.

Accept the message: kind of like late Misfits with that mock rockabilly/garage vibe. Love the plate (or could it be spring?) reverb you have on the guitar for the lead. Unfortunately I think you completely ruin the track with the poor electronica parts. It's quirky, I'll give you that, but it is just wrong for an otherwise cool track.

Overall I think your mixes are a bit too heavy on guitars and that you've chosen guitar sounds that are slightly too overdriven (not applicable to Accept the message where the guitar sounds are just right). Not sure what kind of drum samples you're using but I think you can do better. The tunes are good but the execution is just this side of really good.
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Not exactly my type of music, but I'll leave that aside...

Would You Foresee, as mentioned plenty of times, has some vocal mixing issues and the guitar needs more proper EQ work. I, too, am not a fan of the more "middle eastern" sounding solo in it.

Could you See sounds more mastered and complete. I dig the beginning groove and the vocals match up rather well. Not feeling the part at around 2:05 much. Sounds out of place and more like an accident than something that was planned. The ending solo sounds better, but the ending of the song itself is very abrupt and out of place.

Like ebon00 said, the tunes are good, but the execution needs a bit of further finesse.

Told you I'd get back to ya
ok... I listened to "would you foresee".... surely this is a nicely mixed song and I think the quality is very good....

and according to the genre... its pretty good...

wah... I dont have any complaint on your song... hopefully... u will get more hits on the songs that u make... cos the market is quite competitive now...

good luck...
Thanks for the crit on mine. i'm glad you liked Zion's.

Would You Forsee seemed a little short imo, but was still good. I didn't realize the bass was loud until i read the other comments. The lead at 1:45 was great with the violin/keyboard thing, and all the vocals were catchy.

Could you see started off cool, but kind of lost my interest w/ the guitar feedbacks. The solos were great, and the guitars and vocals blend great.

I like your unique vocals, and catchy songs and wish you the best, although it's not my typical genre of music.
There isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said. You play my kinda music, though, so needless to say I really enjoyed the two songs.

I would really like to hear the songs live. Get a band and get these song on a stage, man. There's money to be made.
Hey man!

"Would You Foresee" is pretty good, albeit short. I like the guitar tone, and the processed vocals as well. The only thing I don't like is the bass; not the fact that it's loud (I like me some loud bass, it sounds awesome when done properly) but the tone. I don't know, I think it sounds too clean and trebly for this song. I'd make it a bit dirtier, with some overdrive or even some fuzz if you're into that. Not much, just enough to roughen it up a little. Other than that, the song's great!

On "Could You See", I do like the bass, a lot actually! Some good slap bass in the right place is awesome, and you pulled it off nicely. Other than that, it's obviously pretty similar to "Would You Foresee", so I don't have much else to crit. I still like the guitar tone, and the vocal processing. Mixing and mastering is really good too, on both songs.

Overall, very well done, sir! I enjoyed this.

Crit my music, please?

Listened to would you foresee, the vocals remind me of a mix between dave mustaine and billy corgan, cool leads love the harmonic minor and the wah, the mix needs work but all in all a good song, not my style but its a well put together song
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Would you forsee was pretty cool. Very short though. Like most songs of this type the drums were pretty laid back but did their part in the end. Solo was pretty interesting, almost Morello-like (sp?). Vocals were good too, though for a few seconds at certain parts it sounded like they struggled to reach pitch. If it was longer it would have had time to leave more of an impression on me as a whole.

Drums in the begining of Could you See almost reminded me of YYZ, lol. Bass was pretty loud like what was stated above, but I believe completely that that was done on purpose. I can tell you were going for a certain vibe for this song and the dominant bass was a good choice. Keeping it repetative and then just playing all types of guitar wankery (like the end) over it. I dug it. Drums....pretty good. Not much to comment on because they just fell into the backround and kept a good rythem. I really dug the vocals. Just the right amount of delay made it nice and trippy. Could high as a kite to that song, lol. Solid overall song, better then the first imo

Here's mine


Hope you like. Please critique both vids. The top one is the actual song in it's entirety but with a backtrack for where the solo should be. The 2nd one is just the solo itself, so it's short. Cheers
Crit as i listen:

Very Alice Cooper! (Maybe thats just my thoughts) I think it makes an excellent arena rock song, just raw rock and chorus vocals. The chorus is great, like a chant, works well with the song. The first solo perhaps could be a bit stronger, a bit of compression for sustain so the notes don't fade out. The second solo and end sounds very folky, It sounds great but i don't know if it fits as well as another fast solo could...

Second song:

Sounds very Guns and Roses, i like the guitar tone and the stereo delay you have. The vocals sound fine to me, the delay creates a cool effect, fits with the song well. The guitar work in the background keeps the track more raw and less processed, which is good thing! It sounds like you had fun playing everything on the track, I normally do a couple of takes and then fiddle trying to make everything perfect, it's good that here you've kept the sound quite balanced so that the guitar still prominent behind the vocals. Love the solo! Fits great!

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1348635
1st Song
Vocals are pretty good, Everything sounds pretty cool. Some very cool parts. Bass is too loud in the mix, I'm not really crazy about the bass tone either. Less reverb on the vocals. The guitar is pretty cool though. Recording quality is pretty good too. I'm digging the crazy noises at the end too.

Bass is too loud
Too much 'Verb on the Vocals.

Second Song

Damn cool intro. Reminds me of Alice in Chains and they're my favorite band. Guitar should be a little higher in the mix. The vocals on this just sound weird. I love the drums and bass though. Wasn't crazy about the solo. Bass and drums are still cool. The song is overall pretty cool. I dig it.
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Critiquing as I listen:
Would You Forsee: Woah I did not expect an intro like that :P, very very good. It grabbed my attention. I love the vocals bro, I really do. Great job. Also, the chorus is great and the little solo after that is pretty good, well done with that part man! I'm loving this song so far. It sounds heavy dude. This middle-eastern sounding part is soooo cool!!! I love the effects you've used on this song. It was a really good song man! But just one thing, the drums are lacking in something, maybe a heavier beat. But that's just my opinion, so don't take it harshly or anything. I loved the song. Great job

Could You See: Nice intro, with the bass, it makes me think of RHCP. OH DAMN! the snare sounds soo 80s . I like the guitars here, they're, I don't know how to explain it but they're well done, suits the mood. Dude in this song you sound sorta evil :P maybe a bit like marylin manson, I hope that doesn't offend you. I can't really understand the lyrics man but I'm sure they work with the song. This is def. a weird song, not that that means I don't like it. It's well done dude! Again good job. I like how its so weird

Crit my demo? It's rough but not unlistenable. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1349499
"would you forsee" good mix, good lead work in there. not too partial on the vocals but it could just be my preferences but the rest sounds good.

"could you see" bass line in the begging sounds good and catchy. I didn't like the lead quite as much on this song essecially the begging of the first solo. still good though. overall they sound good.
Would you forsee: def need to turn up the guitar in the mix and the bass down some, rockin hard as hell right out the gate, very nice old school sounding tune

Could you see: sounds like a track from an 80's movie, almost sounds kinda Judas Priest-ish
I found the effects on the vocals to be a bit heavy made them unclear at times. A lot of the lead work reminded me of van halen which has never been my thing but it was played well. On Could you see the bass line gets a bit repetitive. Try throwing in some variations every few bars.
Would you Foresee was a good tune..it seemed like your vocals were a little hard to understand. They weren't really my style, though, and your mix sounded a bit strange.

Could you See: I liked this one better. The vocals still weren't my style though. Somehow, I heard some Pink Floyd influence in there, mixed with some Satriani. The only negative thing is it was a little repetitive; I couldn't really hear a chorus/verse difference.

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hey thanks for the review. listened to would you foresee. i liked the guitar sound, something different but similar to the pixies (like velouria and stuff). also, i thought the vocal layering was really interesting. id work out your mixing, maybe try some compression to get a more even sound, and maybe boost the vocal track. otherwise, good sound man.

Great vocals and solos on both,and I love the bass on "Could you see".
Thank you for listening & for all of your comments! I appreciate it! A DJ in Texas says he is going to play some of my music (perhaps 55 minutes worth!) on September 5th at 9:00pm (time in Texas) on 88FM. It does not currently stream on the internet, so you can only hear it if you live on the southern tip of Texas, or the northern part of Mexico near it. It's funny you brought up MTV. When I got played on the radio BBC (in the UK and much of Europe, and streamed on the internet), the DJ that played me is named Tom Robinson. He used to be in the Tom Robinson Band. His song "2-4-6-8 Motorway" used to get played on MTV long ago. Song title doesn't ring a bell? You can probably find it on youtube.com.

Thank you for your comments! If you are talking about the surf guitar, it does have spring reverb. If not the surf guitar, I'll have to look at my notes for that.

Thank you for listening & for your reply!

I appreciate all of your comments!!

Thank you for all of your comments!

Thank you for listening & for your reply!

Thank you for listening & all of your commentary!

Thank you for all of your comments! What sounds like guitar feedback is actually guitar being played with an E-bow.

Glad you like the tunes for the most part!

Thank you for listening & for your reply!!

Thank you for your comments!

Thank you for listening & for your response!

Thank you for all of the compliments & comments! I do believe "Would You Foresee" has all double-tracked vocals.

Thank you for all of your commentary! What sounds like guitar feedback is actually guitar being played with an E-bow.

I appreciate the listen & your reply!

Thank you for listening and your response!

Thank you for the commentary. I do like a lot of 80's music!

Thank you for listening & your reply!

Thank you for the kind words! For "Would You Foresee", I recorded it with a Korg D3200 hard disc recorder, guitar effects: Line 6 PodXT and RogerLinn Design Adrenalinn, bass effects: Line 6 Bass PodXT, drums & synth: Korg TR-Rack synth module. "Could You See" was recorded on a Roland VS-880 hard disc recorder: all of the effects & amp models came for the VS-880's optional VS8F-1 effects unit. Drums are from a Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas synth module.

I appreciate all of your comments!!

Thank you for listening & your reply!! The guitar "feedback" is actually guitar being played with an E-bow.

I appreciate all of your comments! I have played in bands in the past, but it isn't easy to keep it going before someone flakes out!

Thank you for listening & all of your comments!!

Thank you for all of your comments! I have played a club in Hollywood where both Alice Cooper and Guns'n Roses have played (Gazzarri's, now it's called the Key Club). I have read Axl Rose and Slash met at this club!

Thank you for your reply! Jerry Cantrell has played at Gazzarri's/the Key Club also (see what I wrote just above).

Thank you for your reply! Marilyn Manson has also played at Gazzarri's/the Key Club also (see above). I don't mind sounding a bit dark or crazy, but not trying to sound evil. I'm not offended though. Cheers!

Thank you for all of your commentary!

Thank you for the reply!!

Thank you for your response. Yes, EVH is an influence on me!

Thank you for your reply!!

Thank you for listening & your response!

Thank you for your reply!!

Thank you for your response! I will review your music on Saturday night. Can't do it as of lately. Thank you for your patience!
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