I like it. I strongly recommend using more harmonies and less octaves overall. Curious to see how it sounds with vocals. Also, i think if you palm-mute the "bridge" at m.69 and slowly let off in time with the drums it would be epic. I like very much though, like definitely original and has a sweet groove.
what do you mean? sorry but i dont quite understand "and slowly let off in time with the drums it would be epic."
"We carry death out of the village!"
I love those dissonant chords in the beginning, they're longer notes so I can hear the dissonance more (I love dissonance). I was surprised that a song that was basically just different leads over the same chord progression kept me interested so long, but...I guess I just felt something from it, I don't know. My favorite part was at bar 41, where the blastbeats came in. Although I think on the slide in measure 49 (the second ending) you should go higher than the slide in 47. It would sound more epic, in my opinion anyways. Yeah, despite how repetitive it seemed, I REALLY enjoyed this song. 8/10.