Needing an amp head badly, however money is tight right now. Obviously looking used. What's out there used these days that's quality, and going for cheap.
Needs to be able to do high gain
Single channel is fine. Just need a dirty sound.
Solid state or tube is fine. Just looking for a decent tone. I know it's not going to be an amazing tone for a cheap price, but something that's going to produce a respectable one for gigging.

Makes me wish I'd never let my Peavey Windsor go.....
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You can get a Peavey VTM fairly cheap. I know of a broken one for $50 that shouldn't be too much work. Working ones will be around $200-$300.
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get a used valveking head..probly find one for around 300 and its a versatile amp
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what's your budget? at under 500 you get more new with something like a jet city 20 or 50 or used with what the guys up there rec'd. You don't see big savings until you're into the 1-1.5k range.
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