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Looking for songs like Come Sail Away - Styx, Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue, songs like that, any more?
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There's one towards the end of "Relationship of Command" by At The Drive In, but I can't remember which track it is.

I think they had some piano on In/Casino/Out too, but again, I can't remember which track(s)
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i was gonna say once bitten twice shy - great white but then i remembered it was terrible
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Doooooooooooon't stop

(by Journey)

This. x1000
November Rain & Live and Let Die by Guns n Roses

Unforgiven III by Metallica

Revelation(Mother Earth), Mr. Crowley, Gets Me Through, by Ozzy

Cemetery Gates by Pantera

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Radiohead, plus above
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Last Rites/ Loved to Deth by Megadeth has part of the Fugue from Tocatta and Fugue in D minor by Bach for the into
Estranged by Guns N' Roses
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Some Muse stuff for sure.
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between the buried and me - fossil genera: a feed from cloud mountain


Or the start of Colors.
Lick my Love Pump

Spinal Tap, also try the piano bit in layla?
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Muse, man.

Sunburn, Apocalypse Please, New Born, Space Dementia, Feeling Good, Hoodoo, Exogenesis, I Belong to you...
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Some Pink Floyd stuff.
muse, black sabbath, some avenged sevenfold stuff,

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Savatage. Pretty much every album from Gutter Ballet forward.

Gutter Ballet


When The Crowds Are Gone

If there is ANY song you ever listen to, it needs to be Believe. I have never heard so much emotion packed into 5 minutes in my entire life. Its my favorite song of all time and it fits your criteria perfectly.

I'd say a good 1/3 of Savatage songs have a piano intro like you are talking about. The 3 I gave you are just the most popular. You should definitely look more into them. Criss Oliva is the most underrated guitarist in the history of metal, bar none.
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fatal tragedy-dream theater

Tell me what nation on this earth, was not born of tragedy-Primordial
im glad so many people are posting muse i thought they were less popular
but yeah muse Uh some songs that were left out are Bliss, United States of Eurasia, Resistance, and well those are the only ones with piano intros, but almost all Muse songs have piano in them
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November Rain & Live and Let Die by Guns n Roses

Unforgiven III by Metallica

Revelation(Mother Earth), Mr. Crowley, Gets Me Through, by Ozzy

Cemetery Gates by Pantera

Urge... to punch... GibsonMan... rising...

Okay I don't know you, so I'll let you off this time but for future reference, this is the good version of Live and Let Die
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Don't Look Back In Anger - Oasis

4th Avenue Cafe - L~Arc~En~Ciel (prolly spelled wrong)
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