I started writing this song a few days ago trying to think of the most stereotypical rock riff I could, and took off from there. For the most part, it's a fairly short song of stupid simple, fast power chord riffs

I wasn't really trying to emulate any particular bands, but I'd say the ramones, pantera, and modest mouse were kind of influential to my songwriting for this, though I was mainly trying to keep a simple rock feel

anyways, if you have time you should take a listen and drop a comment, and I will try to get on top of any c4c requests asap. hope you enjoy!
information junkie (panzer cruise party).gp5

Not much to say, as you yourself pretty much proclaimed that you aimed to make a simple - not so very groundbreaking - rock song. In that you have - I'd say - succeeded. However I wouldn't consider it exactly done, I think you can make it a tad more interesting.

Also for a very simple rock song it seems to be structurally a tad incoherent. VERY simple rock songs are almost ALWAYS only verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-something and end. You have riffs a-c here, are those all meant to be the verse? I assume this all has vocals over it. They don't really feel like the same thing. This might be an unnecessary criticism however, I guess.

I'd say...definitely needs a solo somewhere there. Something to spice it up at times. Also drum fills. The drumming is another key thing that could spice it up. As it is I doubt it stands for multiple listenings. But with a few more spicy bits somewhere....
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Is 'panzer cruise party' the name of your band?

If it is that is possibly the best name I've ever heard.
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Hey dude, it's a strange piece. It's not bad, but it's something you listen and forget. I liked the slide riffs, they were pretty cool, but after listening this I didn't think: wow, cool. But I cannot say it's bad, cos it isn't. If you were to spice things up here and there then I'd might even become something really RAWK N RALL!


Yachar- yeah, I planned on just writing a simple verse-prechorus-chorus-repeat kind of thing, but I find I just cant write that style on gp5. It ends up just being copy and paste for me, though I was planning on writing a lead track as vocals, and decided I was too lazy

and I was thinking the retarded opening drum solo would be too much as it is

Julz127- Nah, it`s just another name for the song. Though I would totally use it as a band name, too ahaha

TehDutchDude- Yeah, I kinda just let whatever popped in my head into the song, so the musical direction might have sounded a bit all over the place. At this point, its still a fairly simple song (guitar, bass, drums), so there`s still a lot of room for whatever else. Will get on your song after this post

Count Orlock- Sorry for disapointing!

anyways, thanks for the comments and critiques!
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I pretty much have to second Yachar here.
I actually liked the song though, judging from your description and the crits I read beforehand I expected something more boring

There are a lot of cool ideas in there but as other peopel said already, it feels like they are not fully developed. The problem (if you can call that one) is not the riffing itself but the structure of the song. I'd say take all the cool riffs and make something better out of it in a different song.

Aside from that, you have some weird breaks in there. The bass and drum breaks came a bit out of the blue and this is probably the only that needs to be fixed really.

A solo can't hurt though.
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