ok UG what about a mp3 competition from now 30th july to the 1st of september. I will be running a mp3 competition, send me links to mp3s that you created and at the end of the competition on the 1st of september i will put in a reply in at the end of this thread with a link to the winners mp3 on their UG profile page, when i have posted the winners link i will then close the thread. The prize is ultimate bragging rights against any other UG user and links to all your mp3s from me and 10 other UG users. State the name of the song when you post the link aswell.


1. No Covers
2. Send a link to your profile page nowhere else

ok good luck guys
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@TS: Why not decide on a genre and make an album of it? Look into how the other UG Community albums were put together and do your stuff.

good idea the genre will be Rock, alternative, punk anything around that genre and the best 10 songs will be put on an album together.

good luck
if you want to judge just post saying that you want to judge and i will put your name down, there is only 5 places, if you are a judge pm me with your 10 favourite songs on august 31st



On a serious note UG users put out a lot of albums that involve a lot of time and work, just saying we already have a pretty alright system, not to discourage you or anything. Just saying to do it properly takes a lot of work.
I'd suggest taking a look at the original threads for those albums, presentation is important. You'll need to start a new thread for it too, the title for this one doesn't suggest anything in the way of an album and won't attract people to take a look.