Hey so I just bought a Marshall TSL and I was wondering if there was a way to mod the footswitch so when I switch to the clean channel, it also turns on a true bypass loop?
There are a bunch of effects that I only use on the clean channel, and I need a way to turn them all on at once when switching from OD to clean without jumping around and stepping on a hundred different switches?

I can probably build my own true bypass loop, that shouldn't be a problem really, I just need away to combine it with the amp's footswitch so the loop shares the same switch as the clean channel?

can anyone help? Thanks
Don't be a smartass bumping your thread..
It got missed, so just stick with saying 'bump' or even 'anyone?', or not many people are gonna want to help you

But with that out of the way, yeah, it's possible.
The footswitch uses a spdt switch as far as I know. You'll need to change it out for a 3pdt.

Use one set of lugs to switch channels like the old one did, then use the other two sets like you'd wire the switch in a true bypass pedal with no led
actually, I'm still sort of confused, could you possibly help me out with a wiring diagram or something? I wouldn't really know where to wire everything to be honest
I'd need to have input and output jacks, and send and return jacks as well right?

thanks man
You know, we have "Ultimate" Threads for a reason, because it is easier for the people who really know a lot about that subject to find the questions about it, so you should go check out the Ultimate Pedal Building Thread, and there is a link in the Essential Links Thread.


well thanks but I already did that and got more or less ignored so I thought I'd have more chance of getting a detailed answer if I started a separate thread
No you didn't, you posted in the Small Questions Thread, not the Pedal Building Thread, quite a difference.

The Ultimate Pedal Building Thread