"Let Me Down Slowly"

Vs. 1

If actions speak louder than words
Then how come what I say moves you
I know we've been down this road before
and it's getting tough just to get through

The parallel lines cross my mind
Turning hope into my own despair
That shoulder I used to rely on
Turned cold in that summer glare


I sense your exodus coming near
But your presence calms my fear
Please baby, let me down slowly
so there's no harm below me


Your ectasy wore off long ago
Receding just like the morning tide
It wasn't worth all the effort
But still you stayed right by my side

A poet dreams and you believe
But what's on paper just isn't real
So take my words, throw them out
And forget how they made you feel

If you recognize the first two lines it was actually from this song that I used in a poem for dialogue recently, but turned out to be a flop. The timing of the lyrics may be off when read, but work fairly well with the rhythm.