Swept with the flow of notions
A year clocked itself on me
The damsel of ethereal grace
Bode the arrival of spring

Seeking out the rare apparitions
Bests the gloom with glee
Serenity fraught on her face
Spawns hope, fantasies take wing

Eyes alit with tranquil gaze
Lilting across in gossamer clothes
The moon falters to resplendent face
Enchants God's in their heavenly abodes
Sunlight gilded hair appears to lace
Mirth with the sheen of wet laughter
Mere sound dispelled thirst as it flowed

Reveries haunt tedious instruction
As the winds envoy her presence
No respite, despite the lack of fruition
Faith lingering in unfounded credence

Naive vows made to another
Breach of trust fails to wither
Wastrel he is, folk do concur
Faithless Jonah, unworthy defiler

Entreaties of welfare & mirth are done
Nuances of which render bother
Prejudice in her eyes tints her reason
Inception of one, concludes the other

I've gotten the framework for the rest..just need to bring it together.
This is my first stab at songwriting....if it seems contrived ..it's because I've been listening to a lot of Opeth lately and tried to put in a lot of Akerfeldt like words without the vagueness.
Holy shit man..this got buried in the crowd of posts...lots of Opeth-like words there lol
That's great work...did you finish it?