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24 51%
13 28%
Why would I want to travel to a Roman god?
10 21%
Voters: 47.
Robert Zubrin once said: "If you put out a call for volunteers for the first crew to Mars, they'd be lined up coast to coast."

Would you?

As my life is right now, with no real responsibilities regarding family or otherwise, I probably would. Not really sure what I could help with though, I'm not really strong, and I won't have any relevant education for at least another three years.
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I'd probably have to wait until I learned something that would actually help with the mission. But I love science and learning new things so it would be great to be a part of this. My family would probably be mega-paranoid and not let me go, though.
**** yeah.
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I wouldn't want to be away from earth for that long. I wouldn't want to live in confined spaces with people I may grow to dislike.

On the otherside, I wonder what it feels like to fap in 0 g's.
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Sure, then I would bring back a bunch of Mars rocks and make guitar picks out of them. Then... PROFIT!

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would take too long to get there and it'd be even more lonely potentially.
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I undoubtedly would go.
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Yeah but I'd get picked last, like gym class.
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I like the idea of being in open space, but space shuttles are very confined and you'd be stuck in there for a year or so (I'd guess). Also, astronauts have to be horrendously fit, which I'm not, and I don't think I can be bothered to try and get that fit...
I've always loved to go into space. It would be awesome walking about on a planet which wasn't Earth as well.
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No, unless I get to fly an X-Wing and I get the callsign Red 2. Or maybe the Millenium Falcon.
But since that'll never happen. No
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