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Is it Music? Is it going outside to a peaceful place? What works for you?

For me its curling up in bed with my music on.
RIP Tom Searle.
mint choclate chip. got a tub in the freezer just in case shit goes down
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It's all about the abalone. You can't play metal without it. Mother of pearl? MOTO? GTFO!
It's music and my bed for me too, although I like to sit up in bed with my back against the wall.
Enjoy jeppelapp responsibly.

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Watching Seinfeld gets me through everything. I can't stay depressed or angry for more than 5 minutes while watching that show. Also, learning to play something new on guitar.
to sound cliche, when youre feeling down, play the blues.
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who pays five hundred fucking dollars for a burger
It's amazing what a bunch of friends and a bottle of whiskey can do.
Oh, you wouldn't want an angel watching over
Surprise, surprise, they wouldn't wanna watch
Listening to something slow and emotional, preferably instrumental.
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Go out and have a good time

There's nothing that shots, gangsta' rap and grindin' on bitches can't fix
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1. Cursing all day and put on some limp bizkit.
or 2. Listen to some sad songs and talk about how miserable my life is
Listening to classical music or black metal. It either has to be one or the other so I calm down when I'm angry.

When I'm deppressed or something I tend to listen to Metallica's depressing songs like Fade to Black and other depressing songs by other metal bands.
But Metallicas Unforgiven series is probably one of my favs as well at Guns N' Roses' November rain. Don't cry and estranged series
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I go to the pit only to just look at your creepy perverted username.

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For me its curling up in bed with ur mom
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Listening to music, drinking tea, smoking a cigarette if i am very stressed.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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Singing/Whistling Star Wars Cantina Band

This post is full of win. +1 good sir


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Dude, she's like 12, what is wrong with you?

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You're the one who came on her face.

well I wouldn't say I've ever experienced any 'tough' times, but anyways.

"I backed my car into a cop car the other day... well he just drove off sometimes life's okay."
return 0;

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And I've eaten at some of Australia's best pizzerias.

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Scotch + Cigar

Long, solitary ride in my car.



A mix of all the above.
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i love you more than words can express jean.

I saw Rick Astley in Quebec City, on April 10th 2009. Best day of my life!
Meditation, optimism, preoccupying myself with physical activies, playing and singing music, helping others to help myself, understanding that you only have as much control as you put in.
Most of the important things

in the world have been accomplished

by people who have kept on

trying when there seemed to be no hope at all
Optimism. Damn god friends. Loud music and about an hour of feeling sorry for myself. DONE.
going out to a quiet place alone with my acoustic and ipod and just playing along to songs and trying to write some music.
i find it best to get out of the house for some fresh air, and to play guitar and listen to music to take my mind off the situation. i go alone because when i go through tough times, i get angry and the last thing i wonna do is take it out on a friend.

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One time I sneezed and pooped in my pants at someones house. It fell down my pantleg onto the floor. I blamed it on the dog. They believed me
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Go for a solitary walk on these...
grassy hill
...whilst listening to this.
pure awesomeness (also known as Ki)

Or have a rant at my friends, who are pretty goddamn awesome.
Depends on what kind of tough times I'm going through.
But drinking large amounts of alcohol(especially super cheap wine or whiskey), smoking and playing sad blusey stuff on a guitar.
I'm having troubles right now, so I might get a little drunk tonight.
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For me its curling up in bed with my music on.

That’s how we’ll know. This is not a test, oh no
This is cardiac arrest

Of a world too proud to admit our mistakes
We're crashing into the ground as all fall from grace
Killing people. There's actually a corpse in my bathtub.

No, seriously. Friends, music and... alcohol. Unreasonable amounts of it.

"L'esclave parfait est celui qui croit être libre."

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