Now I know someone posts a new thread about "how do I get Slash's tone?!" or "how do I get Jimmy Page's tone?!" roughly every four seconds so I'm not going to bore you with that. And besides that's pointless because the tone's differ with every song right, depending on what effects they use or guitar they use or whatever.

So I was wondering is there a collection of tones anywhere on the web or a good book? Like Vox's toneroom for their amps, users can post settings for a cool tone they've found. So for exmple say I'm looking for how Jimi Hendrix gets that awesome tone in the middle solo to All Along the Watchtower and what that weird spacey effect is, is there a website I can go to telling me amp settings, effects he used etc. or even just other ways to get close to it? I've checked out a couple of websites such as tonesettings.com but that only shows you for example "metal" or "indie" whereas I'm more looking for tones I've heard in songs and signature artist tones.

Thanks in advance,
guitargeek.com , but they're not exactly up-to-date.

Otherwise, google is great. Alot of the information is on a bunch of different websites, so yeah...
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Yeah I know it's good to put your own spin on it, but some tones are just so awesome I wanna recreate them y'know?

And OK, Google is good but it's just so cumbersome searching through a number of websites for little details and collating them to try and recreate the tone.... And I was just wondering if there's a website that brings it all together that's all