Hi, I'm new here

well, I know there is a lot of posts like this one, whatever, I wanna get that dirty sound of Slash, mostly of AFD, or UYI

I've tried settings and patches, but I don't like the sound, so I give you my gear to make it easier (I think) x)

anyway, I hope you can help me, Here is my gear:

Epiphone Les Paul Std. Plus Honeyburst
Marshall Mg CD 15 (Clean: Volume; Dirty: Gain & Volume; Bass, Mids & Treble) no reverb
Behringer Ultra Metal Distortion
Behringer Digital Delay

I also have a Wah Wah & a Talk Box, but I think it's not SO important, but if it is, tell me

Settings threads are against the rules of the forum.

You're absolutely not going to sound like Slash with that amp no matter what you do. Save up and get a JCM 800, the JCM Slash sig, or the new AFD100 amp coming out soon.
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Greg what did you send me??
thanks. but, what do you think is the best sound I can get with the MG?? (sorry for my bad english) XD
You can't that is the problem.

You can try cranking your Mids and Bass a bit and reducing the Treble. You can try a MFX pedal upfront. Most MG threads (especially that contain Slash Settings help wanted) will get closed due to the trolled out flame fest that usually ensues.

I'd let this thread go by the wayside unless you need help finding a new amp.
click your wah pedal on and leave it on toe down, then turn you guitars tone knob down to about 5 to cut some of the treble, have your bass and mids about 7 and treble about 5 on the amp, it sounds like slash has his wah clicked on in some of the songs
you should be able to set the delay so it sounds like reverb?
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