Hey guys.

The other day i decided it was time i stopped messing about with covers in my room all day, and started making my own songs in my room all day and then recording them. So i went and got myself a microphone and an audio recording interface.

The mic i chose was an SE4400a. Its apparantly an 'all rounder' mic which can nicely record guitars, drums, bass and vocals. The thing is i'm a bit confused on how to best use the mic to its full potential. There are a few different settings on its front which allow you to sellect things like 'rolloff', 'decibels', and patterns such as 'cardioid', 'super cardiod' , 'omni' and 'figure 8'.

I want to get the most out of using this mic and i'm don't have a clue about any of these settings so if someone with a bit of experience could help me out i'd be greateful. Also if anyone has any tips on positioning mics in front of amps it would be great.

Also here's a small 2 minute video on the mic which states its main features, but in a way that i don't understand.

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