Just for fun, which do you think is better: Jackson, or Ibanez? I have a Jackson JS32T Rhoads and an Ibanez RG3EX1 and love both equally, but I find myself playing the Jackson for several hours at a time, whereas I'll only play the Ibanez for about 20min.

What do you guys think is better?
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I think the Jackson'd probably be better, but I absolutely HATE the feel of Ibanezes, the necks are too thin for me and there doesn't seem to be any contouring on the RGs, at least...so I'm probably biased. =P
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Keep the guitar you like the best don't worry about the name on the headstock. If you enjoy playing the Jackson more, keep it. Why keep a guitar other people say is the better one if you do not agree and it seems like you made your decision by getting more out of your Jackson then your Ibanez.

I like both brands but IMHO Ibanez are highly over rated. I find the difference between their low end guitars and their high end models to be too close to pay the huge amounts they ask for the higher end models. I have a couple Ibanez guitars and I'll have a Destroyer this coming Monday so I am not against them just think they are overrated.
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