im no expert on drums, but it seems like there is full size kits, very small acoustic style kits, and i saw one that was a happy medium. definitely not full size. the band was using a TINY PA (probably 6 inch speakers) and the guitarist has a TINY amp...probably a 1x8 fender. could not determine if it was a tube or solid state. silver face.

anyways the overall mix was good. everything was clear. however on my 1x12, 22 watt tube i play with channel on about 6-7 and master on about 6 to play over a full size drum kit. so the amp is decently cranked. more juice to spiar but still.

so, whatare volume differences in drums? i have a hard time believing that a band could have equipment that small and sound good over a drum kit. i doubt they could if the drummer had a regular full size kit
Well, it all depends on the drummer and the kit. I do mostly drumming for gigs(I think I'm the only damn speed/thrash metal drummer until 20 in Newfoundland...XD), and my kit's a pretty big one(well, size-wise, it's only got 2 toms and a floor-tom, but the kit itself is pretty massive), plus I play rather loud, so my guitarists tend to need to turn the Randall 75-watt(which itself is a pretty loud amp) I've got up to 6 or 7 to be heard clearly over the drums, but according to one of my guitarists when he jams with his brother(who just got a starter kit) his Roland Cube 20 works just fine. Bigger drums=bigger noise. =P
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ive never really noticed changes like that before. i thought it was just a differene in tone rather than overall volume.

ive never though about needing larger/more powerful band equipment to compensate for sizes in drum kits
OH. Bigger drums have deeper sound too, as there's more space for the sound to reverberate in the drum. =P Also, if your bass drum isn't muffled(usually there's a hole in the front of the bass drum so you can shove a pillow or something in there), it can get reeeeal echoey. =P
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Nah, I prefer to tune lower. My tunings usually go into weird Hebrew symbols.
I've been playing drums for 20 years, it's not the size of the drums whatsoever. A 12X8 is no louder than a 12X12. Wood type can have an effect of volume. Having good heads that are tuned and a drummer that can pound make all the difference. A loud drummer will be loud on anything you give them to play.
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It's also about speaker placement; put your amps on the floor and you won't hear them as clear as if they were at ear level.
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Bigger drums doesn't really mean louder. It's more of how hard the drummer hits the drums. Though with bigger drums, you can achieve a louder sound without ruining them.

Same concept as strumming a guitar.
yeah i agree with the last three posts but when it comes to cymbals the thicker they are generally the louder they CAN be, drums are generally more about the drummer, less about the kit itself
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