I've been reading around and it seems that the main reason you cannot use a bass on a guitar amp is because the speakers aren't designed for low frequencies so they will blow out.

If this is the only reason why you cannot use a bass in a guitar amp then would there be any problem in using a bass through a guitar amp but using headphones or using the headphone jack to play the sound out of a bass amp? This way, the speakers on the amp wouldn't be used.

I'm wondering this because I want to distort my bass so I thought I could run it through my guitar amp then use the signal from the heaphone jack as a line in to my bass amp. I've tried this out and I have managed to get distorted bass out of my bass amp this way, I just wanted to make sure that this wouldn't damage the guitar amp.

Thanks in advance
bass--->guitaramp--->bassamp seems like a bad idea to me. it could work out and be fine but it might harm your bass amp. Not sure, it just seems like it could to me.

bass--->guitaramp--->headphones is a perfectly fine idea that I recomend to new bassists with no bass amp.
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If youre using the headphone jack into the line-in, then I dont see a problem. happy bassing!
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Thanks a lot guys, I trying it now and it actually sounds pretty good. Way to much treble of course but apart from that it actually sounds pretty good, suprising as all my equiptment is pretty cheap.

Thanks again