My red MIM P-Bass, Gill, may or may not be on his last legs. I'm having truss rod problems and I'm not exactly sure what is going on.

My neck REALLY bowed out alot suddenly, and I figured I'd just go do a truss rod tweak and it would be the end of that. However, the truss rod isn't tightening. The hex nut is turning, but it's no doing ANYTHING at all. There is no resistance at all when I turn the allen wrench.

So, one of two things could be the problem: 1) The truss rod itself broke (hence being able to turn it so easily) and I'm screwed, or, 2) the nut somehow came loose from the truss rod and I'm just turning the nut and not the truss rod.

If it's 2, then all I have to do is the aforementioned suggestions and get a new truss rod nut from Stewmac, Allparts, etc., etc., etc. Unless somehow the nut broke part of the truss rod as well...hm...

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Is there resistance either direction? see if you can take the nut off and have a look at the threads, it's possible you over tightened and snapped part of the truss rod but it would have been noticable. Has there been a big weather change aswell? humidity can do funny things to necks.