Hi, I have a huge problem with my string tree on a Strat-like guitar.
Firstly, I changed my E-string(high) and tuned it.
When i tried playing it, or bended it, the string tree flew out( the one holding down the B and E-string)!!
I found the tree and screwed it back on, did the same thing, and the same thing happened. Until i finally gave up and kept the guitar in my bag, and heard the sound of the tree flying out in my bag. Somebody help pls!!! I really want to be able to play it again cuz of something IMPORTANT.
I don't really understand what you mean. What nut? Is it possible to play the guitar without a string tree, then? BTW, what's the use of one?
You wont' not be able to play your guitar because it doesn't have a string tree.
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please post a picture of your problem... I have some problem too to understand what you mean. But if it is what i think you can try this:
Pull out the stringtree (that shouldn't be difficult if it flows out itself) then you have the old drill holes. Take a wooden toothpick put some wood glue on it and hammer it in the holes. Then you have to drill a new, smaller hole where you can screw the string tree in again...

Hope that helps. Whenever I had problems with screws and wood it worked fine for me.
Quote by dankok_1998
I don't really understand what you mean. What nut? Is it possible to play the guitar without a string tree, then? BTW, what's the use of one?

String trees help to hold the string in the nut so it will not pop put while playing. Strat and straight headstock style guitars often have these to hold down the problematic strings, or some models have a retaining bar that goes across behind the nut and holds down all the strings.

Guitars with angled headstocks (ie: Les Paul style) don't require either of these so much, since the machine heads are well below the level of the nut and create enough tension to keep them there.

If you are unfamiliar with any of these terms, such as "nut" you should Google up a guitar diagram and become familiar with the basics of your instrument.
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you can play it, but if you rock that string hard it can come out of the nut...basically taking you out for about 10 seconds while you wrestle the string back in there.

either get a bigger screw, or what i did (same issue) was build a metal style bar string holder (the ones thats just a metal bar going across the headstock...commonly seen with locking nuts).

it was actually a peice of a door hinge or something, already had holes in it. i just cout out a nice bar, sanded it down, and polished it to a glass finish and screwed it in and it actually looks pretty good. kinda makes my guitar look my badass. and not to mention it keep teh strings down far better than any flimsy string trees. i HATE string trees. anoying, and they break to much.

flat barr type, or angled headstock for the win.
Out of curiosity, were you tweaking the string tree screw at any point before this happened? It sounds like the screw stripped out of the headstock, which is usually caused by constantly screwing in the screw in question.

As for advice, take it to a shop and have them re-install one, unless you're absolutely POSITIVE that you know what you're doing. If they mess up an installation they can reimburse you. If you mess it up then you're just left high and dry.
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Thanks for your advice everyone! Unfortunately, my string broke.
Yes, i was tweaking it cuz i wanted to make sure it was tightened. (according to some site 'bout Guitar Maintenance, it should be, right?) I think i should go with your advice. They CAN screw it up? I'm really afraid bout them srcewing it up cuz I don't really care bout the money, just hope my guitar's gonna be fine.
this falls in the category of if it aint broke dont fix it. i mean, you were playing with your string tree? at that point just put the guitar down cause only thing that can happen are bad.

as i said before guitar i fixed had each string tree stripped 2 times. thats 4 stripped holes in the headstock. not only that, there was no more room to put in a string tree into solid wood. thats why i had to do what i did and make a new style of string retainer.

whoever that moron was needed to stop playing with his string trees before he stripped them 4 times!
i read this post and didn't want to create another one. so here is my question:

does string trees are related to sustain in some way? if i play without string trees my sustain would be affected?
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Not enough to be noticed.

As far as I know they're largely redundant now that headstocks have been designed to have staggered tuners, which I'm pretty sure makes the string tree just cosmetic, really.
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