Schecter Hellraiser Avenger
81/85 EMG active pickups
Set neck
Rosewood fingerboard
Mahogany body with quilted mapletop in Black Cherry
Abalone "Gothic Cross" inlays
Locking Tuners


pretty good condition small dings and one chip(literally like 2cm wide and maybe an inch long),very little buckle rash

Schecter Omen-6
discontinued 2005 version with Seymour Duncan pickups(not the crap Schecter pickups like the newer models)
Electric Blue finish
Bolt-on neck
Locking Planet Wave Tuners
Maple neck with Rosewood finger-board


Great condition one or two small scratches maybe dusty but thats about it.
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would you consider a trade for a schecter s-1 elite with schecter hardcase for the avenger?
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R.I.P Jimmy Sullivan indeed. Dude, with the money, get a Zacky Vengeance 6661 Schecter guitar!
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Dean Vendetta W/ Seymour Duncan Blackouts
Peavey Vypyr 30
Planet Waves Custom Cable
I'm now willing to trade the hellraiser for a Damien Elite 6 (the LP copy Damien elite)
Schecter Omen 7 string for anything?
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Schecter S1 Elite Black Cherry (Soapbar Neck, Invader Bridge)
Schecter Banshee
Orange Dual Terror
Boss CE-5