Hey, so I picked up an Ibanez RGA8 a few months back and got it strung up with gauges I like and feel happy with. Problem really, is that the action is WAY too high. I've tried lowering it with the angle-adjusting screw through the back of the bridge but that seems to make virtually no difference.

I've tried turning the two large flat-head screws at either side of the bridge to position the whole thing deeper into the body, but they're so insanely tight that I can't get any movement out of them at all, and if I turn too hard I know I'll end up with a massive scratch on the body.

The thing's strung at the moment, would I need to de-string it in order to turn those more easily? And more importantly if I DID do that, would this make the low frets rattle? I'm using from a .080 right up to a .010, tuned in standard with the F sharp dropped to E.

My six string (a Prestige S5470) has the action set insanely low, and that's how I like it, it feels so fluid and easy -- I'd love to get the 8 set up even anywhere close to that.

Help? ^_^
i'm not familiar with your guitar model, but i would think that yes, you should detune the strings to make any bridge adjustments easier. you don't need to take the strings off, just slacken them right down.
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Make sure to loosen the strings before you adjust the bridge. Especially on an 8-string, there is a lot of pressure on the knife edges and turning the bridge posts while that pressure is on them will damage them soon enough. There's no need to take off the strings, just loosen them a bunch so that they're pretty floppy.
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Okay yup, E-string popped as soon as I even loosened the neck bolts Good thing I had some more coming. Managed to get the bridge lowered a fair bit, could do with coming down a tad more perhaps, but then realistically am I ever going to get the bridge on an 8 as low as the bridge on my 6 without frets clicking/rattling?
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…but then realistically am I ever going to get the bridge on an 8 as low as the bridge on my 6 without frets clicking/rattling?

No. The thickness of the seventh and eighth strings relative to the others is dramatically different, so the whole bridge has to come up to compensate. But to some extent the jumbo frets and heavy strings compensate by keeping the strings off the fretboard and making playing easier.
I'm actually going to be stringing it as a seven string with an additional high A (or at least trying to, ordered a load of .007s to .010s to try out. A E A D G B E A, hopefully.