I'm stuck with only my zoom for while,(had to rent the 6505 to a friend)and I've been struggling to get a good tone out of it,even when i plug it into my high quality studio speakers...so are there any plugins or anything to make it sound better and get rid of the fizz?
Zoom pedals just suck. Sorry.
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By high-gain I don't mean stupid stuff. I just mean styles like Motley Crue or Iron Maiden
Try more bass and less treble, mids & gain.
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Zoom pedals just suck. Sorry.

really helpful...

although,evidently they dont..the distortions and the wah do but thats common with most multifxs
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Try more bass and less treble, mids & gain.

hm...I really dont use that much treble or gain at all,gain knob at 11 o clock and trble at 1 o clock and bass at 2 o clock...but thanks I'l try that
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Have your tried messing with the cabinet models?

oops totally forgot about it thanks fly,I'll try messing around with it a little
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to fix fizz, turn down the bass and/or cut upper frequencies using a EQ

I did fiddle with the EQ alot and didn't seem to help,and I can't stand trebly sounds...I guess I am spoilt by playing too many good amps
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