People change how we live our lives
They have no affect on life as a whole
So What the **** am I doing?
Besides staying up late watching shit I don’t care about on tv
I walk around this town aimlessly day after day
Hoping for the slightest trickle of excitement
Hoping for a miracle to help me get through this last year here
I love the life I lead
But I ****ing hate the way I lead it.

Our talks put a faux smile on my face
And when we don’t talk I just feel indifference
It might have to do with these pills I’ve been taking
The way I sleep at night describes who I am

I cant seem to figure out my conflictions

This guy always told me not to upset the fish
The fish with the jewels and the life expectancy of only a few years
A man in a raccoon suit came to my bed while I was sleeping
He stole my eyes, mouth, knows, and don’t knows
And replaced them with a rat cage
That every once in a while tends to gnaw to the bone
Every day I bit my fingers until they bleed
The blood seeps into my system and back out my fingers

Warm and cold, all ends up feeling the same
You and me can’t both fit onto one bicycle seat

So I stared at the night sky with a couple of friends
There was drinking and thinking and smoking ourselves to death
So I stared at the night sky with a couple of friends
There was walking and talking and thinking of what comes next

I suppose it will all make sense when we grow up