whilst researching seymour duncan pickups for my bc rich, i noticed they make pickups to fit rickenbacker basses, which got my thinking, why not put ricky bass pickups on the bc rich, it would require a bit of routing but other than that, there doesnt seem to be any reason not to.
opinions please
Is your BC Rich a guitar or a bass? Because I highly doubt bass pickups would work on a guitar. They would only have four pole pieces, and guitars have six strings.
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Why not? Seems like a cool idea.
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if anyone knows where in the uk i can get cheap-ish rickenbacker style pickups it would be much appreciated
Well here's my worries, you've only got four poles. Now It doesn't matter a whole helluva lot where the poles go, buuut, that said you miight have string balance troubles. But go for it, try new stuff, if you fail whatever who cares. Paint the BC psychedelic while you're at it. I missed out on buying a psychedelic painted BC rich for $50 once haha, it was pretty ridiculous which is why I wanted it.
i might be selling the bc rich as it goes lol, its not doing it for me like my peavey does, the bc rick idea was just a pipe dream, ive had a look around and its gonna cost me at least £200