I haven't been posting anything here much, but I figured I could use some feedback from my UG people again. Haha. Pretty much my first full original song. It's a tad long, but eh. Link to the lyrics are in the vid description. Audio quality could be better, but it's just a video.

Huzzah! It is I, S0ulja, the Duke Of Swiss, 3rd member of the Royal order of cheese!

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First of many I hope! What a great voice!

Reminds me a bit of bon iver in way.

It is a bit long, but I think thats kinda what everyone does when there starting out, and to be honest I never found it boring.

Work hard and keep writing, you'll have a big future

Nice work bro
You've got a GREAT voice. I liked this tune a lot! The sound of your guitar suits your voice very well, and you've got good pitch! I really really enjoyed this. It should get recorded with some better quality sometime! NICE job man. i really actually liked this alot.

Here's a song of mine, i'd love a crit! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1345420
I agree with everyone else, you have an excellent voice and the only thing that really lets you down here is the quality of the recording. Invest in some better recording gear, you're talent deserves it mate!

The vocals I thought were particularly impressive. Also your understanding of dynamics. It's not often I'd sit through six minutes of anything music related on youtube, but I couldn't get enough of your voice. The only thing I'd suggest is perhaps one extra section, maybe a change of key to mix it up a bit. But overall, that was seriously impressive stuff.

Is it just me, or is the quality of the material people are posting here getting much better recently?

Anyway, input on mine?