Its good, I actually really liked the last to riffs but before that you were just playing really short riffs that repeated with a break in between each repeated time.

It wasnt bad but it wasnt outstanding either
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From 0:39 - 0:52 the lead is really weird sounding.. Not bad, just not what I'm used to hearing. Kinda reminded me of the keyboard solo from "Left Behind" by Poisonblack, if you've ever heard that.

Overall, the rhythm guitar's tone is a little off. Maybe there was a little too much distortion used, because it sounds like it could be a little..less fuzzy, I guess (having trouble describing it). Also, I think it could have used a little more oomph on the low end. The playing was very precise and in time, so that was great.

It wasn't bad at all. It's pretty much what I would expect to hear when someone says technical deathcore. Drums were pretty nice. Could use vocals, however.

I don't really have anything for you to crit right now, but if you want, you can take a look at "Death Metal Anniversary" in my profile lol
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pretty cool breakdown oops i mean song

That's funny! Quality stuff, Dia Artio!

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Its good, I actually really liked the last to riffs but before that you were just playing really short riffs that repeated with a break in between each repeated time.

It wasnt bad but it wasnt outstanding either

I totally understand that. Not that I plan on changing it drastically anytime soon, but it's good advice and I'll remember it when writing from now on.

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Great mixing! Did you do it yourself? Also, good psychedelic atmoshpere!

Yes I did, thanks. Not really sure what you mean by the psychadelic atmosphere thing, but I guess that's good haha.
yeah I really want to get vocals on this. If anyone is willing to write some lyrics for it, I'd be up for a collab, but otherwise I'll write some in a few days or something and have my drummer do it haha.
I'm typically not fond of this genre of music, but I have to say it is impressive! I kept having visions of flies crawling around & being creepy. You're playing is really tight. I don't know if you are influenced by Meshuggah, but I like your song better than anything I've heard that group do (just my opinion). Drums are well suited for the song. Please check out my music that I just posted yesterday at this link:

Yeah I love Meshuggah! Only problem with them is that it's too repetitive, but at least they repeat awesome shit haha. Thanks for the crit!
so, i'm inspired again while coming to this website.

what all did you use to record, because i really need to step up my quality and yours sounds awesome. i have an arsenal or equipment at my school that i can use. just give me a list please!
Is this sevenstring.org?

Brutal was the first word that popped into my mind!

Normally I wouldn't like your guitar-tone, but it works surprisingly well on this track.
The track is pretty great! The drums sound a bit off at some points.
Riff at 1:45 is ****ing killer! Reminded me of Periphery

Planning on adding vocals?
I would pay money for that track as it is so I would consider that a great success!!!
this is a great song
you did an awesome job on the mixing too.. not perfect but its damn good for an amateur

one of the riffs is very similar to namaste by veil of maya, its just a lead you play over a breakdown. i think its about 30seconds in but i dont have a timer

i really didnt like any riff that wasnt a breakdown, like the trem picking riff and the riff at halfway. but your proficiency really shows with your breakdowns. you have tight rhythm and its good stuff. after the burial-esque

keep it up its very good but you need more variation and maybe work on your riffs a bit

check mine out if you get time its similar music https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1346690
Thanks everyone!


I have pretty shitty gear (including my guitar, an Ibanez Gio). I recorded guitar and bass with a $20 guitar USB cable so anything is possible. I should be getting a Tascam US-1641 if everything goes as planned to use as my interface, but yeah, hardware was terrible so anything better should be fine for getting DIs. I used TSS and Revalver for guitars/bass. Quality has little to do with gear as far as tracking DIs, but that's not to say you shouldn't use nice gear if it's available. The mix is decent because I practice all the time and improve every day.


I'm not sure what you mean about the drums being off, but if you could give me a specific time, I'll check it out. I really like Periphery (besides the singing) so thanks for that.


Thanks that means a lot! Feel free to download it (check for updates though, I improve it all the time).


I definitely tried to get that lead sounding like VoM but my vibrato wasn't really fast enough so it came out slightly different but still close. I like the breakdowns too and I can totally see not being into the riff at halfway, but I do like the tremolo picked part personally. The problem with writing plenty of cool breakdowns is that it does start to lose people's attention, and I'm not sure where to place bass drops haha.

BTW, for everyone saying I play tightly, thanks, but I also edit my guitars so they sound robotically in time. Not to say I can't play it live, but this stuff is quantized like hell.
Its got a funk to it, its pretty cool. It sounds mechanical, in a not necessarily bad way.

Kind of a rough Fear Factory vibe.
yo man... wow.. this is some heavy shit..

not a bad thing though.. ok... here is what I think... first of all, Im just a guitarist... so I dont have much knowledge on other instrument...

your melody and rhythm should be re mix cos I think the melody is quite soft compared to the rhythm.... and you rhythm is sounded over distorted to the point where it sounded like my speaker going to blow... for this kind of genre... maybe you would think its good... but to me... it sounded too much... so you might want to check on that...

the drums.. wow... it sounded pretty good at the intro... but the rest... I couldn't quite hear it... so... lets just control the level on the mix... put your rhythm just a bit lower...

Thats all I think.. overall.. the song is well done and pretty clean... and dont worry about your gear or anything... music should be rated from the sound of it... not from the gear...

check out my work yeah.... I know its not your kind of genre but I would really appreciate if you can drop a few comments about my latest work... its important for me to improve in the future...




I don't know what's up with your speakers, but I've referenced this mix on pretty much every kind of speaker, from computer speakers to headphones to multiple car stereos so I have no idea what you mean about that.
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Quoted for truth. Sambot has been known for some ridiculously good mixes.