I've always wanted to travel, to go and explore somewhere new and different. But as most of us know, money and time tend to hold us back from going on vacations like that.
Something I've always been curious about though...is it possible (though in all probability unrealistic) to save enough money to cover the costs of airfare, lodging, food and whatnot for only a few days, and take a small mini-vacation? I mean, I know it's workable to an extent - my girlfriend and I just took a small two-day trip to the coast on our weekend that we usually have ff from work. But I've always wondered if the same principal could apply to travelling to the other side of the country, or to another country for that matter. Think Jim Carrey in Yes Man. Could I save enough to cover the costs, and then fly out to New York or Paris over the weekend? I don't really care if I don't get to see all the sights, it'd just be awesome to run off somewhere neat for a while.
Probably completey impossible.
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No, not really. My parents went to the Bahamas for 4 days last year, just because they could. They both took time off work and flew down, and apparently had a great time.


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I don't think the cost of airfare is worth only spending a few days somewhere. why not just drive up to Vancouver or something?

and it costs out the ass to fly out from a small airport.
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Depends on how much cash you have after covering your living costs. Transatlantic flights at short notice are expensive, so it would probably be much more expensive than a planned trip.
For example, I looked up a return flight for 2 adults from London to New York on Virgin Airways. Deaprting Friday the 6th August, and returning within a week will cost about £1200(allegedly including taxes, fees and surcharges).