So basically I've a guitar with a whammy, it's not a floyd rose and I'm not supposed to be able to make the sound go up. Nevertheless, after restringing my guitar, the tension that strings create have allowed this whammy to get into mid position which allows me to go both up and down. I don't see any problems other than having to re-tune it more often than usual. I also tried lowering the bar to it's original position by lowering tension, it worked and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I would personally prefer to keep it in a non-ordinary way since I always wanted a fully functional whammy, what do you think? Good idea/bad idea?
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Bad Idea. It will not stay in tune very well at all. Also, whenever you palm-mute, the pitch will be affected.

EDIT: What type of guitar is it?


The spring and the string tension aren't equal. I don't think that can be good either since that's not the position it's meant to be in.
Well those are new strings, so they still need to... get attuned. Other than that, it pretty much holds up, they sometimes go out of tune after whammy rape.
I never de-attach my tuner from guitar. I play both it like electric and acoustic, and on my settings it's easier to spot out of tuneness on distort

To tell the truth, currently I'm not content with how much I have to tune it, but it's the usual deal with new strings as I understand.
No, if you stretch the strings out properly when you replace them, they will not cause any tuning issues. The bridge is what's causing your tuning problems. There is also no way it is easier to tell how in-tune the guitar is with distortion on. If you keep the bridge in a middle, or "floating," position, you will not be able to use the guitar for any sort of gig or extended practice unless you want to stop and retune it every 5 minutes. If I had a guitar like that, I probably wouldn't use the whammy at all, since that type of bridge rarely holds tuning well at all.
Set it up right and it will work just fine and return to tune perfectly after dive bombs. Both of my Strats are set up with about a 2-3mm gap between the bridge and body and literally never go out of tune. If they do, a simple dive returns everything to normal. Register on the Kinman sight and read the set up guide.
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