So im thinking about buying the egnater tweaker but the only thing stopping me is the fact is has 1 channel. Alot of the music I write switches from dirty to clean atleast twice per song. So my question is if i use a overdrive/distortion pedal and the amp is set on clean with like a british tone to it and i turn the distortion pedal on will the i get a britished toned distortion or will the pedal over take the amps settings?
A britished toned distortion.
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There's this magic knob on your guitar that will actually turn a distorted amp into a clean one. It's called a 'volume knob' and it's invisible to most guitarists until they're been playing for a few years. See if you can find yours, and try it out!
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Using your guitar's volume knob, you can take a heavily distorted tone and clean it up rather nicely. In addition you can use your tone knob to shape it to your liking.. A lot of guitarists don't bother messing with their guitar's knobs, and rather just stick to messing with the amp.