Hey guys,

I am currently trying to write some material that I can use in a song. I play guitar and I am interested in metal. I have written what I consider to be some cool riffs that I am assembling into a song. However, I am stuck when it comes to the writing aspect. It's not that I have no material to write about. I am pretty screwed up and I have several ideas of topics to write about but I do not know how to say what I feel. Do you guys have any tips on how I can write lyrics?

I'm exactly the same, I've managed a few which I've been told are good but you just have to keep trying. I suppose you could try listening to the lyrics of your favorite artists more than the rest of the stuff in the song for a bit, see how they do it and get influenced the same way i presume your guitar playing has been influenced by what you listen to.
thanks guys. It is just so frustrating when I listen to Dave Mustaine or James Hetfield and can feel the intensity in the words and then I try to write something and it sounds really lame.
freewriting helps with putting thoughts into words. I suggest carrying around a pen/paper and trying it. You have to be strict with yourself at first, though. When I started I would say to myself, every hour, 2 minutes, no more no less. Nowadays, I can go on for about 10 minutes, atleast 5 times a day. Lots of resources online about the subject; GIYF.